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Who is

Michael S. Sanders?


Michael Sanders

Biblical Scholar of Archaeology, Egyptology and Assyriology: Michael Sanders is the Author of extensive

research lectures on the AWARD WINNING "Mysteries of the Bible" Website:


Born and educated in Leeds England, London University, Guys Hospital Medical School and Duke University where he obtained a Research Fellowship with Dr. J. B. Rhine.

  • Acted as Business/Financial Diplomatic/Political Advisor in the Persian Gulf.
  • Political/Financial Advisor to the International Supreme Council of Sikhs
  • Publisher "Histories and Mysteries of Man" classical works on Egyptology and Archaeology
  • Former Chairman: American Research Centre in Egypt, Orange County CA. Chapter
  • Chairman "Mysteries of the Bible" Lecture Tour to support the Expedition to uncover the Site where Treasures of Solomon's Temple, including the Ark, were handed to Egyptian King Shishak.

Vision Video Associate

Vision Video Associate

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