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"Mysteries of the Bible Revealed and Resolved" 

Contrary to the popular opinion created by Time and Newsweek, every historical event in the Tanakh can be found in the archaeological and historical records of the Near East when our revised chronology is taken into account.

All events from Sodom and Gomorrah, through the captivity in Egypt, the subsequent conquest of the land of Canaan to the story of Esther will be presented in its archaeological and historical context and the Biblical account shown to be completely accurate.

Some topics to be covered include:


Creation vs. Evolution

Codes in the Torah

Sodom & Gomorrah: 1.5 million bodies found!

The Famines of the Patriarchs- In Egyptian Records!

The Pyramids and The Sphinx, tombs or .......?


Who was the Pharaoh of the Exodus?

Dan, Dan, The Traveling Man

The Hyksos/The Israelites

The Jericho Story:- The Bible and the Archaeology match at last

The City of David found

Solomon's Family- a son in Egypt!

Raiders of the Lost Ark:- Found

Hear Oh Israel, Where Oh Israel?...The Lost tribes....found

Ezra and The Great Assembly?

The Aleph-Bais, alphabet or Holy Language?

Esther the truth at last

The Dead Sea Scrolls, a mystery solved

The Messiah in Prophesy and Reality

The Times of the End

Etc., etc., etc.


Please inform all your friends and ask them to join us by sending their e-mail address to: BibleMysteries@BibleMysteries.com

And also please note that the focus of this program is scholarly rather than religious.

Questions most frequently asked regarding
Mysteries of the Bible 


The program is free.  YES, FREE!

The program concept originated with a series of free lectures which were conducted over a 14 month period in Irvine, California.  The cost of the lectures was covered by donations made by participants.

When we decided to create this program for the Internet, our stated mission included making the program available without cost.  We thought initially that a few hundred people at the most would want to join us.  Instead we are swamped with tens of thousands with hundreds more enrolling daily.  This has put a great burden on us and our equipment and we need to add to both.  We want to avoid a formal charge, because there are too many students and others out there who just don't have the resources.  We therefore thought that those who feel like it should be able to contribute something to take care of those who can't or won't.  Any such donations would be most gratefully received and put to very good use to benefit the system.  We will therefore accept, but do not require, donations - especially in light of the fact that this program is far more costly to produce than the original lectures.

It also became clear, during the original lecture series, that many participants are interested in continued research of subjects covered.  Therefore we arranged for discount purchases of certain books through a local bookseller.  That idea has since expanded.

With the support of a major US book wholesaler we are currently creating a "virtual bookstore' which will offer competitive prices on over 300,000 titles.  Profits from the book sales will support the program and we hope that you will patronize the "store."  But you will never be obligated to buy books.



Although we have received offers of sponsorship from various religious groups, we wish to remain completely independent so that we remain free to present the material in a way which is interesting and useful for all groups.

We  have heard it aid that without faith there can be no successful search for truth.  Our experience is quite the opposite.  We have found that logic and physical evidence take us down their own path, and that this road often (and in the case of this series, invariably) arrives at the same destination as that of faith.  This fact should not come as a surprise, because if there is an objective Truth, then all road should lead to it.  There are many whose faith is not as strong as they would desire, some with no faith at all.  The scientific, physical and archaeological evidence that we shall present will surprise even the skeptics. 


The main person behind the series, and the author of much of the material, is Mike Sanders.  Mr. Sanders publishes academic works on Egyptology and Biblical Archaeology, (which may be found in our Book Shop), including some of the most important classical works in the field - including Petrie, Breasted, Luckenbill, Lucas and the Egyptian Research Account from University College at London University.

The series is loosely based on a number of papers Mr. Sanders published in the mid-eighties which demonstrated that much of the conventionally accepted chronology of ancient history is, in fact, mistaken.  The papers showed how several simple and obvious errors were made in Egyptian chronology which are in turn caused the misdating of the archaeological sites throughout the Near East.

Although the papers were originally ignored by the academic community, their content since frequently scrutinized as never been disputed.  The consequences of closely analyzing ancient history, with logic and common sense, is startling, and will have enormous ramifications in the field of Biblical Archaeology.

Continuous events with Mysteries of the Bible through the site conception to current events have been added through the years.  An expedition in November of 1999 has been documented by NBC and videos are available regarding the subject matter of the Ark of the Covenant and Sodom & Gomorrah.

Other expeditions are planned, but are contingent to world events and funding.


Our original intention was to simply make available materials directly related to the topics of the specific lectures each week.  As program interest has now grown beyond all original projections, we are able to do what we originally planned, and much more

The world's largest book wholesaler has offered to help us create a "virtual bookstore". Through that site you will be able to order any book in print mentioned in the lectures, any book on the bibliography, and virtually any book in print!!  And it will be delivered to your door within 3 days or two weeks, depending upon your preference.  The same company that supplies all your local "Barnes and Noble" and "Crown" bookstores will now allow ups to provide their whole data bank, at competitive prices.  We hope you will support the site, not only because it will be extensive and competitive, but also because we will share in the profits, and will use those profits to constantly expand and improve the series. 


Vision Video Associate

Vision Video Associate

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